In Psalm 90, we read a prayer of Moses. It is a psalm that reminds us that this world is hard, it’s not our home, and much of it is spent in the barren wilderness of trials and hardship.

But I love the way Moses prays with boldness, when he says to God, “Satisfy us with Your unfailing love.” That word, satisfy, means to saturate. Fill us up, he is saying. Bring us to overflowing with Your unfailing love. And there is so much rejoicing in these verses. He is not slouching his way towards eternity. He is victorious and he is praying in a gutsy way for joy and gladness.

Then he prays, “And let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us.” The word favor has an aesthetic quality. It can be translated as “splendor” or “beauty.” Moses teaches us that there is nothing wrong with praying for joy. For gladness. For satisfaction. For delight. For goodness. That is how we are to pray in the dry places. We don’t just wring our hands and lament the fact that we are here in this world and it is a hard place.

The psalm closes with Moses asking the Lord to “establish the work of our hands.” Life is fading, and the world may forget the things we do, but God will establish the work of our hands. God does not forget, and the things you do for the Lord will still be significant a hundred, a thousand, a million years into eternity!

Do you have a gutsy prayer life? Are you praying boldly for those around you? That they would experience the beauty, the splendor, the goodness of God’s grace? Remember that He wants them to experience the joy and gladness of His salvation even more than you do.

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