By Berta Delgado-Young

Reporting from Dallas, Texas


Just a month ago, Mark Davis was attending a church some 40 miles from Prestonwood Baptist Church. But one day, during his prayer time, he received a call from a friend asking if he could interpret for the Deaf Community during services at Prestonwood.

“I wanted to help anyway I could,” he said, “and now my wife and kids and I have been attending here regularly.”

When he heard about Harvest America, Mark knew that God had a plan for him. “For me, this was a call from God to be a servant for those who are hearing impaired,” he said. “It isn’t about me; it’s about being used as a vessel to interpret the message that Greg Laurie is bringing tonight.”

Mark was joined by Liz Rochester, who was interpreting the worship by Third Day.

“When you have the chance to tell people about the Lord, whether it’s through a message or song, I always count it a blessing,” she said.