By Sharon Kostal
Reporting from Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Illinois
With an empty seat next to him, Chris appeared to have come to the Harvest America event at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago alone, and looked unfamiliar with his surroundings.
And in fact, he was unfamiliar–yet he was not uncomfortable, nor alone. Chris had been invited to the crusade by his co-worker Jolene, a few seats down the row, surrounded by other co-workers she had brought along.
And the look in his eyes was reflecting the fresh, joyful anticipation Chris has because he “just found Jesus.” (Which he could not actually say without beaming.) Following a tragedy in his life, another co-worker shared the gospel of Christ with him and he will never be the same.
Though admittedly “new to all of this,” Chris recognizes that he is “a totally different person” and is hungry to worship, to read and learn about the Bible, and to take part in any event that is about his new Lord. Hence his presence at a crusade experience he doesn’t yet fully understand.
What a joy to know that God’s Word was sown in this life, is taking root in good soil, and will be used in the lives of countless others who will soon be able to testify of the same newness of life!