By Sharon Kostal

Reporting from Elgin, Illinois

Somehow Pastor Greg Laurie appears to be as comfortable speaking to tens of thousands of people, as he does to one person at a time. Even–maybe especially–when what he is sharing is the good news of the salvation to be found in Jesus Christ.

Asking the question, “Is it possible to change my life?” Pastor Greg clearly explained that we cannot change our lives in our own power, but God can.

As the strains of “Trust the Lord with all your heart…choose life, that you might live…” were sung over our worship center, all the way from Angel Stadium, the responders began to come forward. The space between seats and stage started filling with those who were choosing new life in Jesus Christ.

The song continued and waves of applause erupted each time another person stood and walked to the front. When it ended, it wasn’t over–Pastor Greg reissued the call to respond. “It’s not too late, no one is too young, and no one is too old to receive forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ.” And they continued to come.

Eternal life was at hand as the floor filled from end to end with those who were making the best decision of their lives–the decision to follow Jesus Christ.