As we head back to Angel Stadium this year (August 23-25), I can’t help but think: What can we improve this time? Even though this will be our 24th consecutive year in Southern California, we as the Harvest team are continually on the lookout for improvement.

One area that comes to mind in particular this year is the follow-up process. While there is an extensive follow-up process that takes place at each Harvest event, there is, and always will be, room for improvement.

Currently, the people who make a profession of faith each night meet with a trained decision follow-up worker for a 10-minute conversation. Their information is then given to a local church representative, who invites them to church via text, e-mail, phone calls, and a welcome letter from their lead pastor. Pastor Greg will also send out a daily devotional e-mail taking them through the Book of John, chapter by chapter.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had an opportunity to disciple each person who makes a profession of faith at a Harvest event? Well, this year we are teaming up with Global Media Outreach and training a group of online Harvest missionaries that will take the follow-up process a step further by giving each of those new or recommitted believers the opportunity to be discipled via e-mail.

It’s an exciting new development, and I’ll keep you informed as things progress!