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Live Feed Options for Hosts

As a Harvest America host, you have several options for picking up the broadcast. The live feed is provided free of charge by Harvest, however, some hosts may choose to pay to upgrade their equipment or internet connectivity for the event. All of the options allow for delaying the broadcast to line up with your event schedule. All of the options are also compatible with both standard and high definition screens.

Note: If you are not hosting Harvest America and simply want to watch the broadcast, please see the Ways to Watch page.


Roku devices are an easy and affordable solution to stream media to a TV. Roku offers a handful of products. Any of their devices will allow you to stream the event from a free, private Harvest America Roku channel.

Apple TV (4th Generation)

You can watch the live broadcast on the newest Apple TV by installing the Harvest: Greg Laurie app from the App Store.

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Free-to-Air Satellite

Free-to-Air (FTA) satellite consists of a commercially available satellite dish and receiver installed at your host location. Many churches already have FTA satellite technology installed, but may need to point their dish to the correct satellite.

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Computer: Video Player Application

With this option, you’ll use a desktop or laptop computer connected to the Internet to pick up the broadcast via an Adobe AIR application provided by Harvest.

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Computer or Device: Web Browser

Most computers or devices with an Internet connection and a web browser can access the live video feed that will be provided to hosts. Here are some potential options:

  • Computer or laptop: Similar to the Video Player Application option above, but the feed is accessed through a web browser rather than a standalone application.
  • Chromecast: A small device that plugs into an HDMI port on your TV and connects to your wireless network. You’ll need a computer or mobile device to point the Chromecast to the live feed URL.
  • Apple TV / AirPlay: You can stream from an Apple device (recent iPhone, iPad, computer) to your TV using AirPlay and an AppleTV.
  • Google TV: Some newer TVs come with Google TV integrated, otherwise a Google TV set-top box can be used.

Satellite/Cable TV

Harvest America will be simulcast live on TBN with no commercial interruptions. TBN is carried on DirecTV (channel 372), Dish Network (channel 260), and by many cable providers, check your local listings.

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