Partner Spotlight: STAR 88

Since 1990, Greg Laurie has preached the gospel to millions of people through Harvest Crusades and Harvest America. In 1995, I was one of those people. At the time, only a single digit in age, I sat in the stands with my family at Angel Stadium to hear the message. I had no idea how my life would intertwine with Harvest.

Working in Christian radio, I have had the opportunity to broadcast Harvest America each year to all who would listen—over the air and in the sanctuary—helping to equip anyone who wanted to share the event. Now I have the opportunity to attend my second live event because Harvest America is coming to Phoenix. When we at Star 88 and KNKT found out that Harvest America is taking place in Phoenix this year—right next door to Albuquerque—we knew we had to be part of it.

Why? We love the incredible work Greg Laurie and his team have faithfully done over the years through the outreach of Harvest. We are thrilled to be part of this event and to share it on a platform greater than our own.

Harvest America is stretching the boundaries of what mass evangelism can accomplish and we want to contribute by sending our team to Arizona to see the event up close and provide pre-event coverage. Star 88 and KNKT will simulcast this year’s Harvest America to five different radio networks across the country. Dozens of stations will simulcast the Star 88 signal with networks reaching Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Montana, and New Mexico, in addition to live online streaming.

We are honored to be a part of this movement and we encourage others to come alongside Greg Laurie and the team at Harvest America by inviting someone, spreading the news about the event, and watching, listening, or even attending Harvest America 2017. Lives are changed through Harvest America; you never know whose life could be touched.

Daniel Davidson
Chief Operator/Operations Mgr/Production Mgr

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