Mr. and Mrs. Beachy

Al and Martha Beachy are attending their first Harvest America event. This sweet couple will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary this upcoming November. Mr. Beachy accepted Christ about 45 years ago. He was raised in the church but as a teen became rebellious. After meeting and marrying his wife, he rededicated his life to the Lord. Mrs. Beachy accepted Christ in her teens but fully came to have a relationship with God in her early twenties. Mr. and Mrs. Beachy’s thoughts for anyone thinking about accepting Christ is this, “Being a Christian brings you a great life, the world will tell you it’s not great and that you’re limited, but you definitely aren’t limited if you are a believer.” They believe that “it’s a life changing experience” and “you don’t realize what you’re missing without Christ.”

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” —John 10:10

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