Healing of a Broken Family

Meet the Wagners, a family who is serving together as a complete family for the first time!

Christian in name only but not in heart, Ken and Gina decided to start going to church after they had their two children, Nick and Andrea; they thought it would be good for them. Ken and Gina went through the motions and took their kids to church every Sunday, but they didn’t read the Bible or pray together as a family. It wasn’t until Gina lost nearly everything that God began a work in her. You see, as teenagers often do, when Gina and Ken’s kids turned 18 they left home and began leading lifestyles of darkness. Not long afterward Gina and Ken were divorced, sold their businesses, and Ken moved to Ohio. Gina was devastated.

Miserably divorced, her children lost, Gina fell in to a deep depression and began seeking counseling. When Gina picked up the Yellow Pages to find a counselor, a leaflet fell out her Bible that happened to be sitting on top of the Yellow Pages. So, what was that leaflet that just happened to fall out of her Bible? It was a flyer for a free counseling program through Harvest Christian Fellowship called Prayer and Share. Gina booked her first Prayer and Share appointment, and went to her first counseling session with apprehension and skepticism. In Gina’s first counseling session the counselor asked, “How are you surviving at all when you aren’t reading your Bible?” Gina left somewhat angry and feeling offended. But after giving it some thought, Gina decided to keep up with the Prayer and Share counseling. It wasn’t too long before Ken noticed a change in Gina and decided to move back to California. Ken began going to Prayer and Share counseling as well at Harvest Christian Fellowship, and the Lord began to move in a mighty way. Nine months later Ken and Gina remarried.

So now that Gina and Ken are back together, what happened to their prodigal children, Andrea and Nick? Well, we have an amazing God, capable of doing amazing things. Ten years after Ken and Gina remarried, their daughter Andrea showed up at Harvest Orange County and rededicated her life to Christ; that was two years ago. Their son, Nick, came back two months ago and is now attending Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. Nick rededicated his life to Christ a month ago and was baptized just last week!

The entire Wagner family is here at Harvest America in Phoenix serving in the Card Sorting room. The Card Sorting room is where people who love the Lord serve in a way that ensures not one person who has made a commitment or recommitment to Jesus falls through the cracks.

The Lord didn’t allow the Wagner family to fall through the cracks—He reconciled the entire family and now uses them in others’ lives for His glory. “I would have never imagined I would be here at Harvest America serving with my entire family. I am so thankful the Lord has brought us all here to serve together, and I look forward to serving at Harvest America next year in Texas,” said Gina.


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