Pray to the Lord of the Harvest . . .

Pray to the Lord of the Harvest…

For eight weeks leading up to Harvest America on June 11, a few of us gathered every Sunday night at the University of Phoenix stadium at 5:00 p.m. to pray for the event. Specifically, we prayed for Pastor Greg Laurie, our city, the lost, our churches, volunteers, the stadium administration and staff, and the Harvest America team. It was a great time for believers from a variety of churches to join together in a united effort to pray for God to do a great work among us. We prayed for souls to be saved, churches to be revived, and for the city to be changed. Most of all, we prayed that God would receive glory through it all. That prayer initiative, however, was not where it all began. It actually began with a young woman named Shawnda who started praying for God to do a great work in that place over seven years ago. She works as the Director of Sales for the stadium and has helped with everything from the Super Bowl to the Final Four and everything in between. But she longed to see people worship God in that place the way fans would praise their favorite teams or athletes. She wept when she heard that Harvest America was interested in holding an event in the stadium. When we asked if we could pray in the building in the weeks leading up to the event, she not only said yes, she made all the arrangements and came personally to pray with us! She was a key person in the whole process both in prayer and her work at the stadium.

You can imagine how Shawnda and the rest of those who prayed felt when they saw over 38,000 people come through the gates and almost 3000 make decisions for Christ. It was like the day of Pentecost! I believe there is a direct connection between those prayers and the decisions that were made. You would be hard pressed to convince Shawnda and those prayer warriors otherwise! If we want to see a harvest, Jesus said we should pray to the Lord of the Harvest (Luke 10:2). It all starts with prayer!


David Johnson
Executive Director
Arizona Southern Baptists
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