Harvest America

Prayer Cloud

There is power in prayer!

Let's pray together for lives to be changed through this event. Pray for those listed below—and add family, friends, and neighbors you'll be inviting.

  • Ted Cruz
  • David S Shepard
  • Janet Lynn
  • Matt
  • Jennifer Marrie
  • Kristin Lynn
  • Nolan Paul
  • Jacqui
  • April and family
  • Shelia and family
  • Allen and family
  • Dillion and family
  • Prissy and family
  • Shelia and family
  • Cassell family
  • Canary family
  • Kassy Khile
  • Reed Khile
  • Audra Khile
  • Bill Khile
  • Donald Khile
  • Austin Whitney
  • Kristy Walters
  • S Teafatiller
  • J Teafatiller
  • C Teafatiller

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