Crossover/NAMB multiplies the impact of Harvest America

Harvest America and Crossover join forces to impact the Valley of the Sun.

Make Harvest America a weekend of learning, sharing, and serving by adding Crossover to your plans. Join the Crossover pre-event sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention's North American Mission Board, held on June 9 and 10.

  • Learn—Tell Someone: Bringing the Gospel to Our Culture

    It starts Friday night with learning. Receive in-depth training from experts in one-on-one street evangelism. Learn tips and techniques on how to stay on point and deliver the gospel simply and powerfully, from a team with years of experience.

    Speakers: Levi Lusko and Jason Powell
    Band: Citizens & Saints
    Start time: 7:00 PM
    Location: North Phoenix Baptist Church [Map]

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    June 9
  • Share—Taking the Gospel to the Local Community

    On Saturday, share the gospel and spread the word. Take the message to the people by joining one of many evangelism groups under an experienced team leader. This will be a time of faith growing and gospel sharing in the local community as you spread the word about the Harvest America outreach on Sunday.

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    June 10
  • Serve—Harvest America

    On Sunday, serve in a key role at what promises to be the biggest single gospel presentation in Arizona history, at Harvest America. With seating capacity of up to 65,000, you will be in the front lines of ministry, helping with hosting, ushering, or follow-up counseling for the thousands expected to respond to the gospel.

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    June 11
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